Sustainable Rideshares – Earth Offers Zero-Emission Transportation

sustainable rideshare

Earth is setting a new standard for sustainable rideshare transportation. The company functions similarly to Uber or Lyft – two rideshare companies most people are familiar with. However, every vehicle used by Earth is completely electric and thus, creates zero emissions. And the transportation isn’t just zero-emission and thus, good to the earth. Each of the vehicles used by the company is a Tesla, thus providing a safe and luxurious ride.

“It’s time we stop letting oil and gas pollute our planet. Be part of the most important movement in the history of Earth.”

Earth Rideshare

A convenient, safe, and sustainable rideshare experience

Similar to other rideshare companies, Earth utilizes an app through which customers can choose their destination and vehicle type. It even offers the option of scheduling rides in the future for the ultimate convenience for its users. Earth also champions the safety of their services – Tesla vehicles are known for their safety, and the company also undergoes background checks and training for their drivers.

In addition, Earth offers unique services for businesses. For example, if a business chooses to use Earth for their employees’ commutes or travel, or as a courtesy to their clients, Earth provides that business with carbon offsets.

Sustainable practices

The company also takes things a step further in helping the earth. Earth also donates a portion of the fare from each ride to plant trees in each city it operates in. Their website reads, “Earth partners with local non-profits and cities to increase your tree canopy. While we know providing zero-emission rides seriously helps in reducing pollution in cities across the world, it’s just not enough! That’s why we pledge to help put carbon back into the ground where it belongs.”

Earth also has plans for expansion that envision “Earth Stations” in various cities. These stations would offer charging for electric vehicles, car washes, organic coffee, and available spaces in which to work. The company stated, “Whether it’s an organic cup of coffee, finishing up a report for work, or needing a car wash, Earth stations have got you covered. While at the Station you can check out the electric vehicle of the month from a variety of car manufactures or sit in on an educational class which is open to the public and learn all about renewable energy and electric vehicles.” Earth also plans to eventually use 100% renewable energy from solar power in which to charge their fleet of electric vehicles.

Currently, Earth’s sustainable rideshares are only available in Nashville, Tennessee. However, the company plans to soon expand its services to Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami, and soon after, to bring its method of eco-friendly travel to more cities across the United States.

All of Earth’s sustainable practices align with our values here at Atlys, and we’re encouraged to see a company making strides in sustainable transportation.