Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry Brands to Shop

Are you in the market for some new jewelry, but aren’t willing to sacrifice your values in the process? Read on for the breakdown of just a few of the jewelry brands doing things right in terms of sustainable and ethical business practices.


As a fashion and jewelry company, ABLE is working to reform the fashion industry by creating opportunities for women to rise above their circumstances. The brand initially started by making scarves and employing women in Ethiopia who needed jobs. Since then, the company has expanded to making clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry. ABLE lives up to its claim of supporting women – 95% of its staff are female.

Not only does ABLE support women, but they are also transparent with the wages they pay their workers. Their about page reads: “We spent three years developing our own evaluation system—called ACCOUNTABLE—which evaluates our manufacturing partners on safety, equality, and wages in order to give us better insight into the impact of our supply chain on the women making our products.” ABLE publishes their lowest wages in order to remain transparent and hold both themselves and other companies accountable for treating their workers fairly and ethically.

ABLE also focuses on creating sustainable jewelry. Their shipping mailers are recycled, and they repurpose shipping boxes when possible. They work with their vendors to use sustainable packaging as well, such as recyclable plastic inserts and discarded newspaper. Any scrap metal that ABLE has from producing their jewelry is collected and reused in making new products. In addition, the sterling silver that ABLE uses for its jewelry is all recycled. ABLE is also using less harsh chemicals in producing their jewelry, such as citric acid instead of sodium bisulfate.

Cuffed by Nano

Cuffed by Nano offers stylish 14k gold, gold-filled, and silver jewelry pieces. And their jewelry isn’t just fashionable – it’s also sustainable. For example, the majority of their products are made from recycled gold and silver. Through their production process, Cuffed by Nano also recycles any scrap metal back to their suppliers to be used again.

Cuffed by Nano is also sustainable with their packaging. All aspects of their packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled paper and can be recycled afterwards, as well. The brand also offsets the carbon footprint from each package that they ship to customers!


Mejuri’s goal is to make fine jewelry accessible for every day – and they do this by offering quality pieces at a fair price, without traditional retail markups. The brand is also transparent regarding the various manufacturers they work with, showcasing their standards for creating ethical jewelry. They state, “When it comes to our manufacturing, we vet and partner with top jewelers who commit to exceptional craftsmanship, ethical practices, and the finest materials.” They produce their jewelry in small quantities to maintain their high standards for quality. While Mejuri’s manufacturers are all over the world, the brand commits to working with the best craftsmen. The brand’s website also goes into detail regarding some of the working conditions and certifications held by their various manufacturers.

Mejuri is also committed to supporting racial and gender equality. They created the Mejuri Scholarship Fund to support “community, diversity and promoting empowered women.” They have also given $120,000 to scholarship programs for black women and non-binary people in Canada and the United States. In Canada, Mejuri is partnered with the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA), and in the U.S., has partnered with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).