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You may be wondering, “will changing my shopping and consumption habits really make a difference?”. While the short answer is yes, the reality is that we need major changes in the way raw materials are sourced and produced in order to achieve a truly sustainable future. Unless you’re an executive employee of any major corporation, adjusting your purchasing habits is likely the most effective choice to enact change, since major corporations thrive when they’re meeting the needs of their customers. 

How to Support the Right Brands

In a capitalist society, the loudest voice any of us have is with our wallet. By making a conscious effort to purchase from ethical brands, you can contribute to making a real difference for our planet. But be aware of the performative “ethical” marketing that many companies take part in. Unfortunately, it’s common for brands that employ the use of sweatshops and traditional high-pollution production facilities to market their products as sustainable and label themselves as “ethical” companies. As conscious consumers, we believe it is up to the independent research of individuals and organizations to inform their purchasing decisions.  

This may sound daunting, but various organizations exist that provide insight, evaluation, and ratings for a vast number of brands. Just one of many great free resources available online is the Australia-based Ethical Consumer Group ratings. Before you purchase anything online or in-store, a quick search through their database can inform you of the ethics of the company. 

We’ve compiled a large number of brands that meet our high standards of sustainability and ethics throughout their company into our brand directory. Check it out here

A Conscious Effort to Support Sustainable Brands Makes a Difference

It’s a well-known fact that companies will adjust their operations to meet consumer demands. Evidence for this is plentiful. A quite recent example is the onset of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, where companies around the world adapted to produce medical equipment in response to widespread shortages. By using your purchasing power to support brands that value sustainability, ethics, and change within their industry, you’re showing large-scale corporations the advantage of operating ethically. 

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