Brand Spotlight – Imperfect Foods

Here at Atlys, we like to highlight brands that are doing things right in terms of sustainable and ethical business practices. Imperfect Foods is one such brand.

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Preventing food waste

Imperfect Foods is a grocery subscription service that aims to decrease food waste worldwide. They also aim to offer affordable food for anyone who needs it. Their prices reflect a 30% discount from grocery store prices, making them very accessible regardless of your budget. The brand’s About page reads, “Our customers can get the healthy, seasonal produce they want alongside the grocery staples they rely on, without having to compromise their budget or values. We’re proving that doing the right thing for the planet doesn’t have to cost more, and that shopping for quality ingredients can support the people and resources that it takes to grow our favorite foods.”

Imperfect Foods also offers many customization options. Regardless of your dietary preferences, they have something for you. Shoppers can choose between organic and conventional foods, as well as what foods and how much of them to receive each week. The brand also offers tips for customers to prevent food waste. Their website has tips on making their foods last longer, as well as how to reuse ingredients in leftovers.

What they mean by “imperfect”

Imperfect Foods offers groceries that, while still safe to eat, might have been passed over by traditional grocery stores. There are quite a few reasons for this, all of which the brand details on their website. A food item might have cosmetic blemishes, or there might have been a surplus of inventory. Or, an item might have an old packaging design but still be perfectly good to eat. A food item can also be “short-coded.” Imperfect Foods defines this term on their website. “Traditional retail stores won’t stock items with expiration dates less than a few months away. To help close the loop on this needless source of food waste, we source products that are “short-coded” so they can find a good home instead of being stranded in a warehouse.”

If food can be saved, we’ll save it.

Imperfect Foods

Sustainable and ethical practices

Imperfect Foods has also pledged to make sustainable sourcing choices with all their foods.

Since we only have one planet we believe that it’s essential to reduce the waste involved in growing and selling food. That’s why we promise to take the earth’s resources into consideration with each product offered. It’s not as simple as it may seem. For example, sometimes a small producer with superb land management practices is a better choice than a large, commercial producer that has marketing dollars to pay for an organic certification. Other times we need to prioritize food safety and therefore need to use plastic packaging. Regardless of the situation, you can count on us to do what we can to reduce the waste we generate.

Imperfect Foods

In addition, the brand makes ethical choices in sourcing their animal products, including dairy, eggs, and other protein. For example, their dairy is sourced from pastured or small milksheds, and their eggs are 100% cage-free and organic or free-range when possible. Imperfect Foods sources meats that are antibiotic and hormone-free, and vegetarian-fed. Their pork products are certified humane, and their salmon is sustainably farmed or wild-caught.

There’s yet another sustainable practice that Imperfect Foods has in place – recycled packaging. Their boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard. All inks and glues used are also non-toxic, biodegradable, and compostable. The boxes themselves can also be recycled. In addition, the insulated liners that the brand uses can be recycled with plastic bags in areas that accept them.

All in all, Imperfect Foods is operating both sustainably and ethically, making a better world by decreasing food waste. That’s something we love to see!